Take it to the next level.

We specialize in highly innovative brand environments and exhibit spaces that are a fusion of creativity, content and the very latest technology.

Our strategic approach, breakthrough creative and flawless execution has enabled us to serve some of the world’s leading brands for over 50 years. As partners we work with our clients hand-in-hand and develop perfect solutions for their needs – from scalable exhibit programs to complex individual projects.

We put ourselves in your target audience’s shoes to create the perfect exhibit experience for them. Our design solutions focus on actively engaging attendees with your messaging & brand objectives so as to ensure a memorable interaction with your brand.

Whether it’s an off site dinner, event planning and logistics surrounding your trade show experience, small C level event, or 1,000 attendee and up proprietary conference… We’ve got you covered!

From an Executive Briefing Center to a Showroom, we immerse the visitor in your brand, creating unforgettable moments for your customers and potential customers.

We deliver improved outcomes on the exhibit floor driven by an array of enabling technologies and creative solutions. We can help you select the right tech to best achieve your goals.

We empower our clients with the data and strategic insight they need to effectively manage their event program and maximize its impact.

We are passionate about creating brand experiences that are both meaningful and memorable to their audiences. In today’s rapidly evolving marketing environment we help our clients stay ahead by developing insightful digital experiences that effectively attract, engage and inform their audiences. These interactions provide trackable, actionable data that helps clients better understand their stakeholders and evolve their event programs.


A sample of our work.

Why Us?

5 key reasons why clients love working with us.

We all know that at a certain level, any exhibit company can build a booth. But not everyone can orchestrate an effective experiential marketing program or be the right cultural fit for your team.


ET GLOBAL brings over 50 years of experience in bringing brands to life. Our team of industry veterans have years of expertise and extensive global experience supporting the marketing programs of many of the world’s leading brands.


Don’t get lost in the mix. Whether you are a small company or a Fortune 500 when you work with ET GLOBAL, you have an attentive team behind you, who are committed to the success of your event program.


Our global footprint with 9 locations (ET GLOBAL locations, not partners) allows us to operate worldwide and maintain the highest implementation standards.


Our award winning team of designers and technologists work collaboratively to deliver bold, breakthrough creative that cuts through the noise.


We empower our clients to be able to respond to the challenges and opportunities in their marketplace by delivering programs that are agile, data driven and impact focused.

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