What We Do

ET GLOBAL takes leading companies tradeshow, events and digital experiences to the next level. Don’t get lost in the crowd.

Clients looking for an event partner that can offer purposeful design, strategic insight, and proven architectural solutions will value our long history of innovation and successful execution.


An impressive, branded exhibition at trade shows is one of the most important steps to creating an emotional connection between people and your product or service. We bring your brand to life in every possible aspect, making the impressive exhibition a real experience. Individual, innovative and at the highest level. We can look back on decades of experience in implementation and logistics. This enables us to achieve impressive brand exhibits whose implementation and success can be calculated!


Whether it’s an off site dinner, event planning and logistics surrounding your trade show experience, small C level event, or 1,000 attendee and up proprietary conference… We’ve got you covered!


Carefully considered arrangement of indoor spaces is about more than just appealing design. It requires an entirely unique message. When implemented well, it conveys the company’s philosophy and core statements without a word. Thanks to our many years of experience in producing branding experiences and our multi-award-winning design expertise, we can implement this kind of branding language for your company at the highest creative level.


Digital interaction continues to revolutionize the way brands connect with their followers. We believe valuable people want valuable interactions with brands, so we work hard to design insightful digital experiences that effectively attract, engage and inform the right audiences. These interactions provide trackable, actionable data that helps clients better understand their stakeholders and evolve their experiences.

We deliver improved outcomes on the exhibit floor driven by an array of enabling technologies. We can help you select the right tech to best achieve your goals.

  • Targeted attendee experiences
  • Interactive content delivery
  • Audience specific engagement
  • Personalized responses
  • Technology driven customer dialogues


We arm our clients with a strategic roadmap that allows them to effectively elevate their brand and their message. We then provide accurate metrics that satisfy stakeholders by keeping marketing goals in line with the overall goals of the company.


If you are considering an RFP we’d love to talk with you and be included in that process.