Why Us?

5 key reasons why clients love working with us.

We all know that at a certain level, any exhibit company can build a booth. But not everyone can orchestrate an effective experiential marketing program or be the right cultural fit for your team. With so many choices for trade show and event partners, we are constantly asked what makes us different. There are subtle differences in every strategic tradeshow partner.

Here are five of the most common reasons why clients stay with ET GLOBAL:


ET GLOBAL brings over 50 years of experience in bringing brands to life. Our team of industry veterans have years of expertise and extensive global experience supporting the marketing programs of many of the world’s leading brands.


Don’t get lost in the mix. Whether you are a small company or a Fortune 500 when you work with ET GLOBAL, you have an attentive team behind you, who are committed to the success of your event program.


Our global footprint with 9 locations (ET GLOBAL locations, not partners) allows us to operate worldwide and maintain the highest implementation standards.


Our award winning team of designers and technologists work collaboratively to deliver bold, breakthrough creative that cuts through the noise.


We empower our clients to be able to respond to the challenges and opportunities in their marketplace, by delivering programs that are agile, data driven and impact focused. Both our system architecture and custom fabrication capabilities are process-engineered to deliver exhibits that can be reconfigured and reused cost-effectively, efficiently and creatively.


If you are considering an RFP we’d love to talk with you and potentially be included in that process.


ET GLOBAL has wholly owned subsidiaries located on 4 continents.

  • Las Vegas

  • Mexico CIty

  • Melbourne

  • Shanghai

  • Tokyo

  • Taunusstein

  • Frankfurt

  • Atlanta

  • Singapore

Our History

A passion for showcasing ideas that lead to success

Our success story started in 1968 with something completely new: Trade show booths to rent. Founded by Heinz H. Soschinski, the company soon inspired renowned companies with its custom system solutions and set up its own production facility in Taunusstein.

The Expotechnik Group, as it was called at the time, commenced its international business when it first successfully staged trade show exhibits in the USA, which led to developing solid expertise in designing and implementing major projects worldwide.

Global expansion soon followed and, over the last 30 years, we have opened offices in North and South America, China, Singapore, Japan and Australia.

Heinz H. Soschinski has successfully passed on his entrepreneurial spirit and good instinct for powerful brand showcasing to his son Patrick O. Soschinski, a managing partner of ET GLOBAL since 2008. In 2018, he became the sole shareholder and Group President of ET GLOBAL.

Management & Team

Being independent makes us particularly good at thinking ahead.

Very early on, during his studies in Management & Business Administration, Patrick O. Soschinski had already founded his own direct marketing company.In 2005, Patrick O. Soschinski made the decision to fully commit himself to ET GLOBAL, bringing along his wealth of experience as an entrepreneur and his dedication to the family business. From 2006, he managed the Business Development, Sales and Marketing divisions. Patrick O. Soschinski has been a managing partner of ET GLOBAL since 2008. In 2018, he became the sole shareholder and Group President of ET GLOBAL.

Patrick O. Soschinski

Group President of ET GLOBAL

Client References

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